Red Dragon Inspires Collaboration and Teamwork

Our technologists and solution managers pride themselves on creating solutions and partnerships with clients that go the distance. Started from a team of industry professionals that experienced how the operational aspects of many companies drained the innovative life from many software projects and the desire to create innovative and next generation applications and services, our core compentencies are focused on building great software, intelligent systems and long term client partnerships. Learn How Today!

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Our Services

Our primary focus centers around web, mobile and data-centric applications and technologies. Your tools, our tools; your processes, our processes. We work together to find the right balance in technology and process management throughout the lifecycle of your product.

Web Applications

HTML 5 CSS Javascript


Asp.Net c# c++

Angular AngularJS

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jQuery Mobile

Analytics & Reporting

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Telerik Reporting

Team Dynamics & Tools


Jira Software

Jira Agile

Jira Service Desk

Team Foundation Server

Agile Scrum Team

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The team

Always Hiring! Exponential growth since 2013! All of our tech is listed above. If you are a C# + JavaScript + non-denominational SQL person, you're and engineer we'd like to talk to. If the skills are there we work to provide an environment that lets you do what you do. Like to work alone? We can do that. Like to work in a team? We can do that too. What is mandatory is daily standups and adhereance to Agile methodologies, preferrably SCRUM. We use both TFS and Github depending on the client but Jira Software is an absolute must. If you haven't used, sign up for a free trial and be ready to answer questions before you apply.

Our interview process is pretty straightforward, the only thing we don't like is someone who can't say I don't know or relate the question to their experience, nobody likes a know-it-all, we shoot straight and direct; we want problem solvers, not problem seekers.

Dragon Advisors ~ Soulution and Software Architects

Are u?

  • A tech yoda?
  • Good at explaining tech to non-techs?
  • Want to build the greatest products?
  • Want to work with like minded engineers and project managers?
  • Like working on agile teams?

Dragon Engineers (senior, fresh from college, self taught, we don't care)

Are u?

  • Skilled in the techs above?
  • Passionate about your work?
  • Want to work with a great team?
  • Like working on agile teams?

Dragon PM / Project Manager

Do u?

  • Have excellent communication skills?
  • Have empathy for your clients?
  • Want everyone to be successful?
  • Create an environment of success?
  • Like working on agile teams?

Why your team + our team = success

Why us

Companies today have significant IT assets and juggle core competencies between their business and software.

Let us be your software company!

We have an all-star line up of Dragon Advisors and Solution Managers most of which have experience with a variety of technogies in complex environments and not so complex environments.

All of our projects are initiated with an assigned Dragon Advisor. These folks have technical and team leadership expertise and evalaute a solution from a logistical and facilitation perspective to ensure that it is a project that is aligned with our core compentencies and if additional resources are needed, they're available.

Flexibility is critical when combining two teams or any diverse group of people for that matter; but daily operations and expectations should be quite consistent. This doesn't mean that there aren't times that are tense and resources need to be focused but we strive for consistency which helps maintain expectations.

We prefer to work in our environment but some projects require either an on site client representative or even the entire team working on site. If the project calls for it and our team is up for it we'll work on anything or anywhere of interest.

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